Why Corey

Picking the Right General Contractor

A good General Contractor is responsible for absolutely everything involved in building your home. What you should look for in a general contractor is not only their turn-around- time, but also their attention to detail and their willingness to involve you. A general contractor with modular-building experience knows that the process, coordination, schedule and requirements differ from a stick-build. A good general contractor will offer you nothing less than a completed, top quality home.

Corey's Construction goes above and beyond the expectations of a "good" general contractor. We go far beyond the preparations, delivery and completion of a house. Corey's Construction's team has the resources, knowledge and experience to guide you through every aspect of the project. We offer financial institution referrals, permit processing, and customizing your home how you see fit.

Also, Corey’s Construction is focused on more than just building your home. There are programs that have been created to better serve the customer. We keep customer service at the highest of priorities by keeping an open and honest communication from start to finish.