Modern Building

As technology, manufacturing processes and construction knowledge increase so do the number of house construction methods available to house builders.  The evolution of building methods has been able to allow builders to meet the housing demand increase, while keeping in accordance with requirements and codes set by government.

A common denominator of the various modern methods is a reduction in construction time on site and an increase in the amount of manufacture that takes place in a controlled factory environment. These modern methods and the increase in offsite construction offer the following perceived advantages:

  • Reducing the effect that weather has on production.
  • Reduced impact on residents.
  • Fewer materials deliveries and so reduced disruption and fuel consumption.
  • Controlled manufacture.
  • Reduced construction times.
  • Fewer defects.
  • Higher quality.
  • Reduced energy use.
  • Reduced wastage.
  • Meeting demand during skills shortages.
  • Reduced labor requirements.
  • Improved safety.
  • More accurate cost forecasts.
  • Use of better materials.
  • Improved manufacture times.

Corey’s Construction takes pride in the continuing education and changes in modern building methods. Included with our modular approach, we also work with the most up-to date technologies to make your dream home the best it can be. 

We use Chief Architect software which allows us to customize any floor plan to your specifications as well as make your first pick in selections available to you. 

Corey’s Construction also uses BuilderTrend, a cloud-based project management software that allows accurate and instant communication about the various aspects of the project between our office, sub-contractors/vendors, and you. Those aspects include budgeting, scheduling, contracts, pictures, and much more. We are excited to offer this feature because it is one more way to show the priority we hold for open and honest communication, as well as organization.